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Archanes is one of most beautiful traditional villages of Crete, located 15 km. south of Heraklion, with 5,500 inhabitants. It has won international awards and his vines produce fine Cretan wine. Archanes unroll the stately beauty at an altitude of 400 m., with its silver gray olive trees and vineyards, from which the best wine of the island is produced. Archanes inhabitants are proud, hospitable and hardworking, with great love for their land. And this is a feeling you get immediately.

Nearby Villa Archanes


  • 15 min. drive to the International Airport N Kazantzakis

  • 15 min. drive to the Heraklion Port

  • 10 min. drive to the Knossos

  • 15 min. drive to the Archeological Museum of Heraklion

  • 10 min. drive to the Venizelio General Hospital

  • 20 min. drive to the "Thalasso by Aegeo Spas" Full Service Spa Center

  • 25 min. drive to the Mesogeios Nephrology Center

Points of Interest

At the entrance of the village what impresses us the most is the imposing neoclassical where the Environmental Education Centre is housed. In the same building, higher education schools, the Open University and other services are housed as well.

Further down, we will light a candle in the whitewashed church of Panagia (Mother of God) of Archanes with its tall steeple.


Walking the cobblestone streets of the village with the typical lantern, you will probably get lost in the atmospheric neighborhoods with their well-preserved houses, painted in cheerful colors, many with flower gardens.

In these streets you will find Byzantine churches and the Folklore Museum, housed in a restored mansion which gives us a first impression of a traditional Archanes home and the everyday life within it. Here we will find good local wine, raki, molasses, olives, sweets, homemade pasta, etc. made by local women with art and passion for their place.

Truly remarkable is the Archaeological Museum of Archanes with archaeological finds that came to light during excavations in the region but also in the village. The archaeological collection was created in 1993 on the initiative of the archaeologists John and Efi Sakellaraki (open daily 08.30 - 15.00, except Tuesday. Tel. +30 2810 752712).

In the southeastern district of the village you will visit the sculpture workshop of Manolis Tsompanakis to admire the original works of wood and reinforced concrete.


Last but not least, there are many important archaeological sites, such as Vathipetro (where the first wine press was found, in 1600 BC) and the Minoan Cemetery at Fourni. With a car or on foot you can reach the top of Youchtas mountain, where Christ the Master (1443 AD) is located, a picturesque whitewashed church. According to tradition, it was built by a sailor who was shipwrecked in the Cretan sea. While the sailor was shipwrecked, he was watching the top of Youchtas mountain from the sea and made a vow that if he survived, he would make a church over there. From up there the panoramic view from both sides of the mountain is breathtaking! From the Christ the Master begins the path: Sanctuary Peak - Alonaki - Anemospilia.


From ancient times to today, Archanes village is considered one of the most important wine growing regions of Crete. Here grow the famous "rozakia” grapes. These grapes produce the famous wine of Archanes. Archanes also produce an excellent olive oil. 


Archanes is a place full of natural and cultural beauty. A guest can observe and participate in many activities that will offer the experience of everyday life!

  • Hiking: Trails that connect the village with caves, ancient villages, churches, and canyons


  • Climbing: Climbing routes in Youchtas and around the highland


  • Observation: In Youchtas there are 360 species of flora (especially during spring Cretan orchid’s stand out) and 40 species of birds, many of which are rare or endangered, with vulture as the most important one. Yiouchtas area is included in the European Network NATURA 2000 and is considered as an Important Bird Area (IBA). Yiouchtas is protected as an "Archaeological Site" and "Landscape of Outstanding Natural Beauty ".


  • Mountain Biking: A large and impressive off-road network offered for the lovers of cycling.


  • Participation in farming activities: Farming, beekeeping, pottery, wine & raki making, and the growth of olive trees, vines, vegetables, herbs are the main occupations of the inhabitants of the village where visitors can watch and participate.


  • Participation in traditional Cretan cuisine seminars with fresh local ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, and herbs gathered from Youchtas mountain.


  • In Archanes and neighboring villages there musical activities and seminars organized by local and foreign musicians.

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